Friday, February 23, 2018

Happy 3rd Birthday Atticus!

My goodness I cannot believe you are three!  You are one busy little boy that keeps me on my toes all day long.  This has been a big year for you of many firsts, and many lasts.  You are growing up so fast!  I love watching you and Finley play together during the day when it is just the two of you.  She can rope you into about anything right now whether it is dressing up in princess gowns, watching her Tutu show,  or having tea parties in the basement with her.  You will play for awhile, and then run her princesses over with a dump truck when you are done.  You love doing everything for yourself so often times underwear are backwards, shoes are on the wrong feet but you did it yourself.  Three years old is all about the age of independence.  I have to just try to stay patient while you learn.  You have been asking me to snuggle with you lately, and you get so mad if Dad gets too close to me.  Only you and I are allowed to snuggle.  Daddy says it is time for you to go to preschool, and maybe that is true.  I also can't help but laugh when we tell you no, and you give us your look.  Oh my it gets me every time.   You make me nervous way too often with all of your jumping off of things.  You have no fear.   Can't wait to watch you grow this year, and please stay safe.

For Atticus's birthday we filled his room with balloons.  He came into our room that morning with them in his hands and told us he was three.  He got in bed with us for a few moments before we had to get ready for Church.
After Church we went to Baylor's game.  I made him a birthday cake, and we had spaghetti with meatballs for dinner.  He opened his gifts which included a book, some shoes from Am that he wants on as soon as he gets up in the morning, color wonder painting, a green toad stuffed animal, a basketball, and a plasma car for outside.  He was most excited about the basketball I think.  He seems to be pretty passionate about basketball right now.

Color: Blue
Food: Cake and chicken nuggets
Movie: Boss Baby
TV Show: Thomas the Train and Fall down in the water(Ultimate Beast Master)
Best Friend: a blue boy
Song: Thomas song
Drink: Lemonade
Toy: Paint
Favorite Sport: Basketball

Photo credit: Briley 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Andy and I were lucky enough to get two nights out in January.  We first went to Jerry Seinfeld, and then the following weekend we were able to go see the Randy Rogers Band at Uptown theatre with Rick, Lisa, Suzie, and Ray.
My Mom and Jeff came to watch the kids, and Andy got there a little early so we stopped in at Hamburger Mary's to eat before going to the theatre next door.  We met them at the concert shortly after, and they had gotten great seats in the balcony. The concert was good, and we enjoyed catching up with everyone.
The next day we woke up, and it began to snow.  Baylor still had his basketball game so we plowed through it to get there.  Mom and Jeff left shortly after the game to get home.  That night we ordered pizza to eat while we watched the Super Bowl game.  We enjoyed the game, and of course there was some great commercials.  There was some debate on the half time show.  Andy and I liked it, and Briley did not think it was as good as Katy Perry.
This week the kids only had school Monday through Wednesday due to parent-teacher conferences.  I  went to the conferences Wednesday night and they are both doing well and continuing to improve.  Briley began gymnastics at a place pretty close to our house.  It is only for four weeks, but she is excited about it.  Since the kids did not have school, we worked on getting Valentine's boxes and cards ready to go for next week.
Friday we left after dance class for Kirksville for the weekend.  We got in early so I went to the store to get stuff for Atticus's party on Saturday.  That night I got everything ready to go so I could quickly hang things up the next morning before the kids went to the K-Life dodgeball event.
Saturday the kids went to the K-Life tournament which was entertaining to watch.  After they were done we had pizza, cake, and Atticus opened his gifts. He decided this year he did not need any help opening gifts so it took a bit longer for him to get through them.
Towards the end of the party we got a phone call that Mitch Roberts had passed away.  It was one of those calls that you just can't quite believe.  Andy's parents went to the hospital shortly after hearing the news.  Later that afternoon we found out that Howard Hickman had also passed away.  So strange to know two people die in the same day.  It is one of those moments that you realize just how precious life is.
After the party, the kids took off for the bowling alley for Owen's celebration.  I cleaned up from Atticus's party, and ran to my Mom's for a little bit.  That night was the Sweetheart Dinner for Mary Immaculate.  It was fun to get dressed up and go out.  We saw quite a few people, and our only complaint was we didn't get to talk long enough to them before sitting down for dinner.
The next week was busy getting ready for Valentine's Day parties, and family coming to town for Mitch Roberts funeral in Cameron.  It is now how many days past Valentine's Day and I have yet to give Andy his card.  It was just that kind of week for us both.  Crazy and stressful but we made it through.
We had Lissy, Sara, the kids, and Amanda came in on Friday to head to the visitation.  We met my Dad, and Andy's parent there.  It was a long line outside, and I had failed to bring coats for the kids so we sat in the car while Andy waited in line.  He called when they were close to the door, and we went over.  After the visitation Sara and Lissy went back to St. Louis while everyone else went to our house.
The next morning we were up and out the door to go back for the funeral.  It was a wonderful mass with beautiful music.  It was one of the largest processions I think I have ever seen  as we made our way to the cemetary, and that says a lot for Mitch.  He was such a wonderful man, and will be missed my many.
Afterwards we came home so Andy could get back to work on the wet bar.
Sunday was Atticus's big birthday, but I'll talk about that shortly. Baylor had his last basketball game of the year.  He got his trophy to add to his collection so he was happy.
Andy finished transforming the wet bar in the living room to a buffet/bookshelf.  It really turned out so nice, and much more useful.  Now it is my turn to figure out how I am going to decorate it.

Briley's school project that she did at school.  She raided Baylor's Lincoln Logs to get supplies.

Baylor got my phone.

Baylor decided one day he was going to dress up for school.  He was king for the day.

Finley loves my red high heel shoes.

The Matching Shirt Team

The Cheerleaders

Like father like son

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

With Andy sick for New Year's, we stayed in and watched the ball drop with New York.  I tried to plan some fun activities for the kids like making snowball punch, filling our their favorites lists, played some games, and we made it to 11:00.  Everyone went to bed, and I stayed up to read until midnight.  I rang in the new year by myself with a good book.
We spent the rest of the break inside due to the cold weather.  We did make it out to go roller skating, and we went to the movies to see Ferdinand.  I also took them to the J to shoot some hoops a few times, and they made a big fort in the loft.  They ended up sleeping in their fort for a couple of nights.  Baylor ended up getting sick shortly after Andy.  Luckily it stopped with him.  Amity sent Atticus a couple of hats she made.  He loves them!  They came just in time for all of our cold weather.
Gymnastics started up after the holiday break for Atticus, Finley, and Baylor.  They were all so excited.  Briley couldn't get into the class so I think she is going to do boxing instead.  They loved their classes.  Finley got a new gymnastics outfit, and Atticus really wanted to wear her old one.  I didn't let him, but he tries each week.
Andy left the week after New Years for a conference in Miami.  I was so worried I would get the flu while he was gone, and be on my own.  Luckily everyone stayed healthy while he was gone.
I had book club that Tuesday while he was gone, but I was able to get a babysitter.  We read A Gentleman in Moscow.  It was a book that took me a bit to get into because I'm not that knowledgable with Russian history so I had to look a few things up  along the way, but once I got into it, I loved it.  It isn't a page turner suspenseful book, but one of those that you hate to finish because you fall in love with the characters.  We talked about the book while drinking Moscow mules, and one of the wines he talks about in the book.  We also had Latvian soup, and other Russian dishes.
Martin Luther King weekend I took Briley to see The Greatest Showman.  She and I both enjoyed it so much.  Makes me sad that the circus is no more.  We also took the kids to get their passport pictures taken.  It was quite the deal, and they turned out rather goofy, but its done.  Now if the government could get back to work so we could get out passports processed.  Andy took Briley on Monday to work at Harvesters for a service project with school.  They both said it was busy, but I think they enjoyed doing it.
This past Friday, Andy and I went to see Jerry Seinfeld down at the Midland.  Hands down the funniest comedian I have seen.  I laughed so hard that I had tears rolling down my face. He is so funny without being vulgar.  I think what I like so much about him is that he is so animated when he is telling a story.  After we were done we went to eat at Hotel Phillips for dinner, and then made our way back home to where  all the kids and Grandma and Papa were waiting up for us.
Saturday morning we were up and out the door early to get to basketball for Baylor.  After his game we came home, had lunch, Andy and Mike took down the Christmas lights, and we went to get bedding for Atticus.
That afternoon we went to Briley's game and it was a fun one.  Her team hasn't won a game all season, and the pieces fell into place finally.  They won and she did a great job.  It was a lot of fun to watch them.  After the game we went to dinner at Rye.  One of my favorite places to eat.
That night Andy took Atticus's crib down, and put his big boy bed up.  He was so excited to get out of his crib.  It took a while for me to get him to fall asleep, and he was in our room early Sunday morning.  He has yet to fall asleep for a nap, but I'll keep trying.  Hard to believe after 11 years our crib is down, and won't be up again until we have grandchildren.  That is really a crazy thought.  The baby years really went fast.
Briley was an alter server on Sunday morning.  After Church we went down for donuts and then Andy's parents left.  Briley had another game that afternoon, and again they won!  So happy for the girls.  They needed that boost of confidence.  After the game Briley came home to work on her pictures for photography club.  It was working with lighting so she took Finley and Atticus upstairs to take their pictures in different spots.
Last night Briley slept in bed with Atticus, and Finley slept on his floor.  He slept well, but I don't know if they did.  We will see how tonight goes.

Atticus Milestones:
I began putting big boy underwear on him after the new year, and he has done such a great job!  He loves wearing his Thomas underwear, and gets very upset if he gets them wet.  While I was sad to see the crib come down, I am not sad to be done with diapers.
Another big thing in his life is "breakable cups" for hot chocolate.  He no longer wants his hot chocolate in a sippy cup at night.  It has to be in a "breakable cup."

Finley had a bit of a meltdown playing pictionary.