Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer is Here!

It finally feels like summer, and we have been taking advantage of it.  Last weekend we got to babysit Emmie while Caroline and Jared went to a party.  I adore babies, and Emmie was so sweet, but getting up with her at 5:30 in the morning made me happy we weren't in the baby stage anymore.  It was so nice to be able to spend some time with her though, and I'm sure she had a good time watching our crazy family.  The kids were all great helpers while she was here.  Atticus is still talking about Baby Emmie.  Viva of course enjoyed all of the extra attention from her.

Sunday afternoon we decided to head to Kirksville to visit for a few days.  I wanted to get home for a few days before Baylor started summer school.  The weather was beautiful, and the kids loved having the opportunity to swim with their cousins for hours. 
On Tuesday, my Dad decided to take the kids to Thousand Hills to camp.  I went out with him earlier and we set up the tents, and walked one of the trails with Briley and Finley.  Later that day I took all the kids out. My Dad grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids, and later they made smore's  I left shortly after that to stay at my Mom's with Atticus.  Early the next morning I got a call from my Dad that Baylor had gotten sick sometime in the night, and he needed help.  I went out there, and Baylor had thrown up all over the tent.  My Dad has never done well with that so while I cleaned it up he stood with his back to me gagging.  The funny thing is he slept in there with him all night and had no idea he had gotten sick.  After we got that cleaned up, we headed to the pool, and my Dad went home to take a nap.  Later that evening we went to the ballparks to watch Jackson play, and Briley rode her bike with Ellie. She loves the freedom she is beginning to get of being able to ride bikes around the neighborhood.  
We woke up Thursday morning and had breakfast with my Dad and Rick before heading to Shelbina to see my Grandma.  She was happy to see everyone, and seemed to be doing well.  We didn't stay for too long because she was getting ready to eat lunch, but we will be back in a month.  After we said our goodbyes we were on the road for home.

We went to our neighborhood pool Friday afternoon, and the kids seemed to enjoy swimming, but they said it was a little cold so we weren't there for too long.  That evening Baylor had a baseball game, and he did a great job hitting.  Saturday morning Briley had a game, and then I ran a few errands that I needed to get done.  Briley went with me, and we went to Suburban Lawn and Garden. The kids love going there with me because you get to take golf carts out to look at the trees and plants.  We got a few new shrubs for the yard, and then went home to plant them.  That night we went to dinner with some old neighbors, and it was great to catch up with them as usual.  We need to do it more often.
Sunday morning the kids and I got up and headed to KCK to work at St. Mary's Food Kitchen.  Baylor was a little nervous about it all, but I told him to just smile, and be kind.  AS we were driving there Briley said the houses reminded her of Seaside, the thought hadn't crossed my mind but she said they were all bright colors.  That they were.  When we got there the kids began putting desserts on little plates, while the adults got the fruit cups, vegetables, and casseroles ready to go.  Briley was in charge of passing out desserts and Baylor was supposed to hand them their utensils when they came through the line. Briley really had a more difficult job because the desserts were all different, and people were particular about the dessert you gave them.  Some spoke spanish so that was a challenge for her too.  Briley was watching as they lined up to come in, and she asked me if I saw the kids standing in the line.  She couldn't believe that kids her age and younger were getting food at a food kitchen.  It was definitely an eye opener for them, and a great experience.

Andy left shortly after we got home for his conference in Washington D.C.  Luckily for me Briley's game got cancelled that night so that was one less thing I had to do.  Monday Baylor started summer school, and he loved it.  Such a relief since we will be going for the next three weeks.  We also had practice, went swimming, and made a trip to the Arboretum one day while he was gone.
The Arboretum had an enchanted forest that was really neat to walk through.  I think it could make for some really cute pictures if I had them dressed a little cuter than they were.  They put so much detail into it, and it has new things that have been added since last year.  The kids were pretty upset they didn't find a fairy to catch so we will have to try again another day.

Andy had a good time at his conference, and sent us many pictures along the way.  One of his favorite things to do is take in the monuments at night.  I think he does this about every time he is there.
National Museum of Natural History for a party

I think I get this picture every time he goes to D.C.  also.  One of his favorite roof top bars I think.

Tucker Carlson was one of the speakers.  He said it was really interesting to hear his thoughts on our country right now.  

Random things to remember:
Briley finds a pair of shoes that she loves, and she will only wear that one pair everyday.  We bought her new shoes for Christmas, my sister bought her new shoes for her birthday, and yet she still wears her tennis shoes from last year.  I finally had to throw them away when she went to bed one night.  

Finley and her words:
Today she told me that she loves going to the pool and laxing.
She was also helping me clean out the car the other day, and said the car was clean as new.  I don't know if she made the car cleaner or more work for me after she was done.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May Day as always holds a special day in my heart.  This year, we had new neighbors to deliver flowers to, so the kids were actually able to pull off delivering them without being caught for the most part.  There were a few that caught them, and were very excited to get a basket.

Atticus has been up to his usual orneriness.  He is always up to something.  Our days of just the two of us are over now, and we will see what he thinks about the kiddos all being home for the summer.
Dragged my laundry hamper out of the laundry room, and disassembled in the entryway.

Naked as usual.

Two weeks ago we went to the Garth Brooks concert with my Mom and Jeff.  We went to see him ten years ago when he performed here, and we were excited to watch his show again.  He had already performed four shows in Kansas City before our show, and there were moments that his voice would crack, but he gave it all he had.  My favorite part of his show was when he came back out for the encore, but it was just him.  He played probably about five songs that people were holding up signs to hear acoustically.  Some of the ones  had completely forgot about, but loved way back when.  I love that he wants to make sure people hear the songs that they came to see him play.  Another thing that I love about him is that from the crew to his band, they have pretty much all been with him since his beginning.  Andy and I wonder what they all did while he was in retirement, and what made them decide to all come back when he started to tour again.  There must be a reason they want to be a part of his show whether they are the backstage crew or onstage with him.  You could just tell he truly cared for all of them.  I have never been to a concert where each backstage crew member is recognized. The show didn't get over until 11:30 that night, and Monday was rough, but it was so worth it.

The rest of the week was busy running to and from practices, and Andy left mid week for a trip to Salt Lake.  That weekend was a busy one with a soccer game and baseball practice for Baylor, and softball for Briley.  We also had a graduation party thrown in there for fun.
Sunday was of course Mother's Day and Andy took the kids to get Starbucks for me before Church.  The kids gave me their sweet cards that they made at school, and then we were off.  We were celebrating the 100th year of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal.  Our Church was able to have the traveling statue of her and it was on display on the alter.  It was perfect that this was celebrated on Mother's Day.  I wanted to get a picture but some friends of our started talking and walking out with us, and I didn't get the picture taken.  I went back later to get one, and she was gone.  The rest of day was spent at home playing outside, and reading my book for book club.  Perfect Mother's Day.

He loved brunch:/

This week was busy with last day of school parties, awards ceremonies, field trip to Deanna Rose, Andy off to Atlanta, ballgames, and practices.  Crazy week, but we made it through, and now summer is here! 
Baylor had a kindergarten farewell ceremony yesterday, and Finley had her end of the year party so I spent a little bit of time in each.  It is hard to believe the year is over and after five years we are leaving Blue River.  It has been such a wonderful school, and it will be missed by us all.   I took the kids to a park after school yesterday to have a picnic to celebrate Baylor and Finley's last day.  We were there for about twenty minutes and then Baylor was ready to get home and check out his yearbook.  The boy has carried it with him everywhere he goes.  

Last day picture.
This was a hard day for me, and I know it was for the kiddos as well.  It seems to be a year of change for not just us, but many of our friends.  Blue River was a home to our kids for five years, and it is sad to leave it.  It is such a tight community where everyone knows everyone.  I can only hope our next school is just is great.