Sunday, March 12, 2017

I feel like we have been a bit of a whirlwind these last few weeks.  My Dad came to stay with us for a few days over my birthday weekend which was nice.  We didn't really do a whole lot because the weather was cold, but he got to celebrate my birthday, watch Briley and Baylor play some basketball, Finley do gymnastics, and see our new house.

The day he came we had the inspection at our house so we went to the store and played at a park while we waited for it to be over.  The inspection was complete, but they seemed to be just hanging out at the house so we drove around a little longer and then I just came home.  They shortly left after we showed up;) 
We celebrated my birthday on that Friday with dinner at Garozzo's, and it was delicious as usual.  The kids all behaved, and ate their food so it was a successful dinner.  Andy made my birthday cake that night, and it was so very good even though he complained the whole time.  Andy got me a new lens for my camera, and Viva was the only one who would pose for me.

Saturday was basketball day and the kids both played well.  It was Baylor's last game, so he came home with a trophy.  He gets so excited about that.

While we were at basketball, Finley was able to go see Sesame Street Live with our neighbors who had an extra ticket.  Finley was so excited to go, and I was happy that we didn't have to endure the show.  They had tickets in the first row so she got high five the characters throughout the show.  She had a blast spending the day with her friend Lily.

This past weekend was Briley's basketball tournament.  They had a very close game, but in the end they lost by four points.  The other team was one we have played before with other sports, and they have a really good coach.  He is always so supportive of both teams that it is hard to be upset when they beat you.  Her team ended up placing second for the season, but was knocked out of the tournament in the first round.  We ended basketball on Saturday, and kicked off soccer on Sunday.
After Church, we ran by the house to do one last walk through with the painters.  The kids always get excited to go over and explore the new house.  Baylor is really excited about the sunroom with its remote controlled ceiling fan.  He spent the whole time messing with it.  We headed to Briley's soccer game after that.  It was a cold one, and we faced the wind the whole time so it was miserable.  Atticus huddled up with Andy and didn't move the whole game.  Her team did a great job for their first game of the season, and won the game.  The rest of the day was just spent relaxing at home, and getting ready for the upcoming week.
The kids had a four day week this week, and Andy travelled to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana.  We did have our first storm of spring while he was gone.  I wasn't too concerned about it while I watched my tv shows that I watch when Andy is gone.  I looked at my phone when I went to bed and I had missed 25 texts about the storm.
On Thursday we went out to eat with Andy's grandparents, aunt, Lucy and Frank, and some other friends/family.  Andy's grandpa gave Atticus a tool set so that he could bang up our house, and the kids all got cups filled with peeps that they ate those before the food came.  He also told the waitress it was Baylor's birthday so that got celebrated too.
Gymnastics also finished up this week so I'm happy to have another night free up.  They all enjoyed gymnastics, and I think they want to do it again next winter.  It was a great activity to keep them active, and they learned a few things.

This week we are off to Kirksville for a few days since it is spring break, and then it is crunch time packing this house up.   These next few weeks are going to fly by I'm afraid.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mr. Atticus

Although Atticus will always be the baby of our family, I feel like once the kids turn 2 they are really more of a toddler than a baby.  Atticus is definitely becoming more of a big boy who is really testing his boundaries.  He likes to color...on everything, he has become more vocal, and he has started hitting us or throwing things when he gets mad, but when you say his name sternly he will look at you with those big brown eyes and give you a hug to say he is sorry.
Did I mention he loves throwing things?  Truly throws things all day long.  He will count to three and then chuck whatever may be in his hands.  If you take him outside you spend your time running after balls going down the street.  He also loves to mow and vacuum around the house.  He always finds a way to stay busy; always busy.
He also loves going to bed.  He will tell us when he wants to go night night, and has to sleep with his bunny, blankie, and paci.  He must say goodnight to everyone before going to bed.
As far as food goes he loves avocados, olives, all fruit, and hot chocolate.  You don't mention hot chocolate in front of Atticus or he will be digging the hot chocolate maker out of the kitchen cabinet. His favorite treat!
Atticus has had an explosion with language lately. He has really started talking more now that Finley is not around in the mornings.  He gets one on one time with me.  He will say something and then repeat it until you answer him.  You can't just answer him with "ok".  He wants to make sure you understand him.  If he says "thank you", you say "your welcome" or he will continue to say thank you.  It can sometimes be like listening to a broken record.
Finally, I mentioned that he was busy. He likes to hide things like toothbrushes, if you can't find something look in the laundry hamper or trash can. He is always moving and getting into things.  He keeps me on my toes that is for sure!
Can't imagine what life would be like right now if this little boy was not in our lives.  He melts my heart when he gives me that smile when I walk into get him out of bed each morning, and brings so much joy to our lives; maybe a few gray hairs too.  We love you little man, and we hope this next year brings you a lot of new adventures.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Home, and Atticus is 2!

Two weekends ago I woke up, and did my usual check to see if any new houses had been posted to the realtor websites.  I saw one that caught my eye, showed it to Andy, and then sent our realtor an email saying we wanted to see it that day.  We have looked at a lot of houses over the past six months, but when we drove up to this one I think we both knew it was it.  Andy and I debated on the back yard which is a little on the small side, and on the fact that it needed some updating, but in the end we decided it just felt like home.  We put an offer in that afternoon along with four others, and played the waiting game until Sunday night.  We really did not believe we would get the house, after all we did not ask much more than the asking price.  We thought for sure someone would have bid over us so we were both a little surprised when our realtor called with the good news.  We had been chosen!  We  popped the champagne, and celebrated.

Andy took Monday afternoon off, and we began boxing and moving things to a storage unit.  That night we had the kids parent teacher conferences, and then came back to do more work.  The conferences went well, and I love the opinion writing piece that Briley's teacher shared.
Tuesday was Valentine's day, and I went to school to the kids parties for awhile, and then Andy came home early so we could continue to declutter the house.  That night we gave the kids cards that said they were going to see Lion King when we go to St. Louis, and they seem excited about that.  Baylor was acting like he was getting sick so we put him to bed early, and the others got Smallcakes cupcakes before going to bed.

Wednesday was the inspection so we spent the morning over at the new house, and then I had to leave to get Baylor.  The owner came home at the end, and Andy got to meet her.  She and her husband built the house, but are now moving to Charlotte to be close to their kids.  He has had some strokes and is in a nursing home.  She seems to be happy with a family moving into her house.
Andy left later that day for a business trip, and I put the kids to bed that night and cleaned our house for pictures the following day.  I staged things Thursday morning, and then made the kids stay outside as much as possible so they didn't mess up the house  before she came to take the pictures.  It was a bad time for the kids to all be home from school!
Baylor got his room all ready for the showings;)  He was very proud of his decorating.  He taped his paper chain to the wall, and displayed his train book on one nightstand and his 100 days certificate on the other.

It has been a whirlwind since that moment, and Andy and I really have lost a lot of sleep worrying about what needs to be done for our house, and what needs to be done for the new house.  We cleaned and decluttered all week, and our house went on the market on Friday night.  We got a hotel room so the kids didn't mess up the house that night.
The next morning we got up and dropped Viva off at our neighbors house.  There was a showing at 9:30 so we drove around and waited to see what kind of people they were.  A young couple pulled up with a little baby, and I burst out crying.  It wasn't exactly sad tears, but tears of joy for the next family that would be moving in.  The couple reminded me so much of Andy and I with Briley when we first looked at this house eight years ago.  It was in that moment that I realized the house really wasn't ours anymore. I think I had been so busy dreaming of the new house, and cleaning this house that I didn't have the time to be emotional about leaving.
After we drove away we went to a park for awhile, then Baylor's game, Menard's, lunch, another park, and then Briley's game.  It was so hard not to be able to go home and let the kids relax for awhile.  Poor Briley was in a trance by the time she began her game at 4:30.
After her game we picked up Viva, and got the lowdown on all the people who had came to the house throughout the day.  There was couple in our house as we were next door.  It was so hard not being able to walk into our house.
That night we drove to Kirksville to celebrate Mr. Atticus.  I'm glad he is two, and didn't get the concept of birthdays because he certainly did not get the usual birthday celebration.  The kids were excited to see their cousins, and Andy and I finally was able to relax somewhat since our part had been done.  We then just had to wait for the offers to start rolling in.
Sunday morning I got up, and began getting things ready for Atticus's party. We just did pizza, and kept things low key.  It was a beautiful day outside, and the kids loved playing outside all day.  Atticus got a lot of fun gifts, but the hit was a microwave from Lissy.  All the kids were fighting over that.  Since it was so nice we did cake outside after presents.
The rest of the day was spent reviewing offers on our house.  We ended up having 27 showings with nine offers come in.   They came with letters and pictures begging us to choose them.  It was such a hard decision, but in the end we had to go with the PE coach from Blue River, and his family.  They put in a great offer, and we didn't want the kids to have to face him at school if we didn't choose him. He actually said we better choose them if we want our children to pass this year.  They are a cute little family, and I think they will be perfect for our house.  It is kind of nice to know who is moving in. Everyone was rooting for the coach, and I'm happy we were able to choose them.

Lissy bought champagne to celebrate the selling of our house, so we popped it open Sunday night.  The kids got sparkling grape juice too.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Not so slow January

January is usually a time of slowing down, with not a lot going on, but this year was not that way for us.  While we were in San Diego, Baylor and Briley's basketball games really got into full swing.  We have been enjoying Briley's team coming together, and doing a great job this year.  It is getting to the point where their games are really starting to get exciting.  Briley has been doing really well, and we were so proud of her in the last game.  It was a pretty intense match up and she was on fire.  We really got a kick out of her at the end because she was bringing the ball up the court and her coach wanted her to slow the game down.  There was less than two minutes left and we were ahead by two points.  Briley slowed down for about two steps and then she was off again.  We were all laughing because he would jump up and yell for her to slow down each time like Forrest Gump playing football.  We thought we might need to make signs for her for the next game..  Her principal was at the rec center walking, and when she saw the girls playing she came over to watch the rest of the game.  I think they were all excited to have her there supporting them, and maybe she was their good luck charm.
Baylor is enjoying his first year at playing basketball.  They practice for thirty minutes before the game, and then they play 3 on 3.  The refs are really good with them, and they seem to be having a lot of fun. It is really entertaining to watch Baylor. as he is so serious out there.

Baylor did a little shopping with me one weekend, and we stopped at a dessert bar for some hot chocolate.

The kids have been really enjoying gymnastics class this winter.  They look forward to it each week, and they have all learned a few new things.

This little guy really wants to be in there with the rest of the kids.  I might have to sign him up next year.

Other happenings in our house was we got new carpet, and countertops.  It is nice to see the house completed how we had envisioned it eight years ago when we bought it.  All of the big things are officially checked off our to do list.
Two weeks ago we went to Kirksville because Juan Carlos was there visiting.  It had been two years ago since we had last seen him so it was great to catch up, and we have some future visits in our plans that I hope we can make work.  He has the kids all excited to go to the rainforest, see some monkeys and sloths, and checking out some active volcanoes.
This past Friday we went to school for bingo night.  We have been at the school for six years, and it was the first time we have gone.  I think partly because it is in January and we don't want to get out in the cold.  As we were getting out of the car to go in, Baylor said, "this is different for us, we aren't really school people." The kids all had a blast running around and acting crazy while the parents focused on playing bingo on multiple cards because the kids weren't paying attention;)  Atticus was of course not enjoying bingo and chose to run up on stage a few times.  He is without a doubt our handful.
Finley and her friend trying to talk the snack crew into giving them candy with a quarter as payment.

Baylor with his prize after running up to the stage saying he had bingo.  We really don't think he actually did.

Hard core bingo players.
A couple of nights ago Andy and I had a Tuesday night date night with Eric Church.  We got down there early and  had dinner before the concert, and we had hoped to get a drink at Power and Light district but we could not get one anywhere.  We stood at a bar for twenty minutes, and gave up so we went into the concert early and got one for double the price, but at least they were friendly.  The concert was so much fun.  He really puts on a great show, and you get your money's worth because he sang from 8 to almost midnight.  He took a twenty minute break, but other than that he played one song after another.  I think we would both gladly go see him again.  It was hard getting up the next morning, but so worth it to see him perform on a Tuesday night.