Monday, April 24, 2017

A Little of This and a Little of That

I'm hoping that things will slow down for a few moments so we can catch our breath, but I don't know if it will be happening anytime soon.  By the time we go to Garth Brooks in two weeks, we will have had guests with us for eight weekends straight.  Craziness although we have completely appreciated all the help that we have gotten.  

Jeff, my Mom, Dad, and Rick came down three weeks ago to see the house, and help Andy put a mudroom in the laundry room.  My Mom and I took the kids to the Easter egg hunt at Church.  Finley ran into one of her buddies and they were inseparable.  The weekend was also spent spreading mulch, unboxing, and moving things from the storage unit.  My Mom said it was the first time she had come and not gone shopping.  

We have been going to a lot of soccer games, and softball and baseball have started too so we are on the run every night getting people to practices and games.  It is hard to keep it all straight.  Briley's soccer team just wrapped up their season in soccer while Baylor's games have really just begun.  Both of them seem to still really enjoy the sport, and have fun doing it.

Last weekend was Easter, and for the first time in seven years we stayed home for it.  We finished cleaning out the rest of our storage unit, Andy got the garage organized so that we can actually park in it, and I emptied out a few more boxes.  The Knuckles brought over some homemade syrup for a our Easter breakfast along with homemade cinnamon rolls.  My family wants both recipes as it was a favorite on Easter morning.  Saturday night we had Joe's BBQ and Asa bought us a new ice cream maker for letting them stay at our house which was not necessary at all, but the kids are excited to make some.
The kids woke up Easter morning before 6:00.  You would have thought it was Christmas or something.  It rained the night before so the hunt was in our house with Briley getting the golden egg and Baylor with the silver.  They ate a bunch of candy, and then we got ready for Church.  I told Andy that our kids just have to get married at Easter or Christmas because the Church is so beautiful. I snapped a picture of the narthex, but thought I'd get some stares if I was taking pictures inside, but wow.  They had urns lining the aisle of the Church that held white hydrangeas, greenery, and cherry blossom twigs.  The alter flowers were just as beautiful. 
After mass, we came home for me to make breakfast, and then we continued to work in the house. Asa and Kelsey left later that afternoon.

Odds and ends around here:
I wanted to document Finley and her funny words.  She keeps saying things that I just don't want to forget so hear goes:  Tennis shoes for tissues and the Holy Express for the Polar Express.  She makes me laugh so much throughout the day.  
We have been playing a lot outside, and taking lots of walks around the new neighborhood.  

Baylor has been crafting...nonstop.  I constantly have paper scraps and tape all over the floors, tables, everywhere!  It drives me bananas sometimes, but I rather he do that than watch tv or be on the computer so I guess I will live with it.

The Big Move

It has been two weeks since we moved to our new house.  Lissy came up on Saturday to help us with all the last minute packing along with my brother and Kelsey.  While Andy was busy at the new house, we finished up at the old one.
Saturday night Kelsey and Asa watched the kids while Andy, Lissy, and I went to the Catholic Charities Soiree.  I forgot my driver's license so they went on in, and I drove back to the house to get it.  We enjoyed getting away for the night, but we were also so exhausted that we didn't party too late into the night.  The food was really good that they had there this year.  Funny moment of the night was Lissy walking over to the Stroud's station, and slipping about 10 cinnamon rolls in her purse before we headed out.  We said she was going to be a Grandma Patty.
Tuesday was the big day, and I woke up that morning feeling like I was going to be okay.  I get the kids ready as usual, and as they were getting in the car Stefanie came up and gave me hug, and I lost it.  She talked about how everyone was going to miss us, and I just couldn't stop crying.  I'm one that holds things in and when I start to cry it has been so built up that it is one ugly cry.  The movers came, and it all moved so quickly.  I went to the new house because our new washer and dryer were being delivered, and to tell the movers where to put everything when they got there.
The movers were done by 1:30 and we began to unpack until about 3:30 and then we went to the old house to pick up Briley.  One of her friends walked down to wait for us and to say goodbye along with neighbors coming out.  The new homeowner's parents were already at the house, but we told Briley she could go in if she wanted to.  I walked in shortly after and she was crying the big ugly cry like me.  She walked to her room and then out the door straight to the car.  I gave a quick hug to our neighbor Todd and left.  I couldn't handle the goodbyes anymore.  It was awkward crying in front of the new homeowners who had already showed up.
When we got back to our new house, Briley refused to get out of the car so Andy spent some time sitting in the car talking to her.  I think he promised a basketball hoop and a zip line to get her out;)  As the night went on we all started feeling better, and a new neighbor stopped by with cupcakes which was sweet of her.
We are slowly getting things put away, and eventually I'll get back to organizing it all how I really want it to be, but it least things are getting out of boxes.  It is starting to feel like home, and we don't cry when we go back to the old neighborhood so we are making progress!  The painters are out of the house for a couple of weeks anyway, friends are starting to be made, many walks have been taken to explore our new neighborhood, and we have made trips to the new elementary school playground.  I'm excited to be able to walk the kids to school next year, and I'm praying that the transitions goes smoothly for them.

One last mow for our yard.

Goodbye to our yellow house.  Lots of memories were made here, and I know the new owners will love it just as much as us...or they better because we are watching;)
Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Happy Birthday Darth Baylor!

Wow this has been a crazy week for us!  I worked on getting Baylor's party ready, packing, Briley started softball along with still in the middle of soccer, and the painters started at our new house.  Thursday was the big day for getting into our house.  I'm so excited to see the transition, and to get the move done.  In fact, after this morning our house is officially not ours which is so weird.
Friday was Baylor's birthday, and he was one excited boy.  I made him pancakes for breakfast, and then sent them to school.  I did a quick trip to suburban lawn and garden for mulch, got more paint for the painters, and then went to school to bring treats.  We then went to McDonald's for lunch, and went home to get ready for his friend party that afternoon.
We had five boys come over for his party that afternoon, and it was a Jedi training course.  They jumped in the jump house, fought balloons with their light sabers, an astroid hunt, and they painted Star War sun catchers.  The boys were great, and I think they all had a lot of fun.
Later that night, we gave Baylor his gifts from us, and he spent the evening outside riding his new bike.  My Mom and Jeff came later that night to celebrate Baylor's birthday.
Andy's parents, and the Taylors came down on Saturday afternoon.  The boys went to Urban Air while Kaitlin and I took Finley and Lola to the American Girl store.  We took the girls to get their free sleeper from their babies that they got for Christmas, but of course there were hoops to jump through and we didn't end up being able to get them.  We felt like they needed to at least walk out with something so we let them choose one of the accessories for 6.00.  We let them ride the merry go round, and then made our way over to the new house.
We celebrated Baylor's party that night with Hansburgers and Hutt Dogs, and of course a Star Wars cake.  He opened a few presents, and played with cousins.  Baylor said it was the best birthday ever, and I think he says that every year.
Baylor Favorites at 7:
Color: Blue
Movie: Moana
TV Show: Paw Patrol
Food: Chocolate Sandwich
Best Friend: Brayden
Drink: Lemonade
Toy: Bike
Sport: Football
Favorite Team: Royals
Favorite Place: Disney World
Occupation: Police Officer
Makes Baylor Happy: Going to Disney World

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Break

 I took Atticus to the doctor for his two year check up finally.  He weighed in at 24 pounds, and he was two feet nine inches.  He was in the fourth percentile for height and 20th percentile for weight.  He got his last shot until he is going to kindergarten so that is exciting.

We went back to Kirksville for most of spring break this year, and it really felt more like winter break than spring but oh well.  My Dad had hernia surgery on Monday morning so I spent the day sitting in his room reading a book. He did well, and seems to be recovering slowly.  Hopefully it will be the last time he has to do that surgery.
I got out some old little people toys that I played with as a kid, and they all seemed to love them.  It gave them something different to do since they couldn't really play outside.  I wish they still made them like this now, but I'm sure they are a choking hazard.
Baylor also had fun playing our old games with Asa.
On Tuesday Briley went to Quincy with Ellie to an entertainment place and sleepover,  while the rest of us went to Shelbina to see my Grandma for a little bit.  After we visited, we stopped at AJ's for lunch.  It has been too long since I have eaten there!  So good.  After we got back I went to Dad's for awhile to visit with him, and then back to my Mom's for dinner.
Wednesday morning I took the kids out to the Cleaver's to play.  It has been too long since we had gotten them all together.  They all had a great time playing, and we got a chance to catch up.  After that I went back out to my Dad's again for a little bit, and then we went to Yarrow for dinner.  I had never been there before, but they had one of my favorite beers, and the best hamburgers.  It wasn't crowded, but I have a feeling that will change when the weather warms up.  
We went to Andy's parent's house on Thursday to let the kids play with the Farwell and Taylor crew before making our way back to Kansas City.  It was a short visit, but the kids loved seeing each other. Briley and Baylor made their leprechaun traps that night before going to bed.

Lissy came to town on Friday for photo shoots, and we celebrated St. Patrick's Day.  The kids made their traps, and Briley thought she had caught one in her "hotel", but it was a pair of St. Patrick's Day socks.  That night we had green eggs and pancakes for dinner.  Lissy went to get Shamrock shakes for everyone to make the day complete.
We went to Beauty and the Beast Saturday afternoon.  I loved the new movie and all the details they put into it.  Finley sat next to me and sang throughout the whole show.  It is her favorite movie right now.  
Afterwards we went to Briley's soccer game that evening, and the weather was beautiful.  Lissy snapped some pictures with my camera, and they turned out great.  They won, and she played well.  We celebrated by going to Mi Ranchito that night.

This stinker before he ran on to the field in the middle of the game.  He is ornery!

Sunday morning Lissy took some cute pictures of Briley that morning.  I feel like we are similar to Father of the Bride when he sells the house, and they are all crying and taking pictures of everything. We got one last picture of Briley in front of our weeping willow and they are so cute.  She looks so grown up compared to the first pictures that were taken in that spot.
After the pictures we went to the zoo for a little bit. Baylor got brave enough to do the sky tram, and I was so excited to finally get to ride it myself.  We left later that afternoon, and Lissy got on her way after getting her flat tire fixed.

Now it is back to reality with packing our house up, and getting ready for Baylor's big birthday.  I don't seem to have enough time in my day to get everything done.